Sunday, September 16, 2012

i'll call this... 8 months old + just plain pretty =)

well actually, there's nothing "plain" about her...

"i love dirt"


Thursday, July 12, 2012

halfway to one

time flies when you're having fun, and growing, and playing, and bonding, and of course, partying.   Onni just had his 6 mo (aka half) birthday, july 10.  july 10th is also is greggor's birthday, so they can "half" celebrate with each other, twice a year in fact.
we don't have our 6 mos stats cause the doc appt isnt for a week and a half (oops) but we were 20 pounds last month (then he got croup and lost some, yadda yadda yadda, i think we're back above 20 again.  fyi, naia was 15 lbs at this point!), so i'll keep you posted =)
here are a BUNCH of pics from his 6 mo celebration. willows, grandma, and his frist time having carrots (us big people had Carrot cake!!)
at the salem willows.  brooks' favorite place, naia's too.  i'm sure when onni has a say,  he'll say "let's go to the willows!"

The newest ballerina.  We are ALL loving this dance stuff.  but more on that later =)

of course we had a photo shoot
and of course chester had to be involved


i LOVE everything about him, but i REALLY love those rolly arms

sibling LOVE

and she always gives me these face.  how lovely.

Blue eyed baby?

or brown? hmmm...

the kids table

AND, to end the day, Carroty things!!

Happy 6 months baby boy!! We love you so much!! <3

It has been SUCH a wonderful beginning, we can't wait to watch him grow more!  Hopefully, not TOO quickly.